Transistor Level Comparator Design

High-speed analog-to-digital conversion is required by trends in many commercial and research electronic applications including high speed serial links in data centres, cellular communication systems and subsystems, and electronic testing/acquisition instruments. One of the most important application areas of high sampling rate ADCs is wideband communication systems such as WiGig and 5G. A 6-8 bit resolution and at least 2 GSPS sampling rate is required for these applications. It is also important to have energy efficient low power ADCs to be used in mobile devices using wideband communication systems.

Design of Hand-Held Point-of-Care Biosensor Device

Point-of-Care devices are widely used for simple diagnostics and patient monitoring. One of the most popular and well known PoC is a glucometer. It helps to monitor glucose level in the blood. People with diabetes use it to check and maintain their conditions. It is very easy to use and it doesn`t require any special medical skill to use it. In this project students will develop capacitive readout circuit that read capacitive changes from inter-digitated circular electrode arrays which is used for detection of cancer and cardiovascular biomarkers.

Power Meter Design

We have an access to vast amount of data to optimize even our daily life. For instance, we are checking traffic conditions before leaving home or work. We are comparing prices of the goods before buying them from store. Most of us wearing smart watches to track our steps, hearth rate and sleep cycles. We are buying LED lambs to save energy but we are not really tracking our energy usage in our homes.

Digital Oscilloscope Design

Oscilloscope is the most fundamental electronic measurement equipment which displays voltage value of the signal as a function of time. It is extensively used by scientist, electrical and computer engineers. Also, it the first complex electrical equipment that EE students met during their education. One of the most critical component of the oscilloscope is ADC which determines the sampling rate. Other fundamental components are attenuator, amplifier and memory. Purpose of this project is to understand working principles of oscilloscope and to realize a working oscilloscope using an FPGA.