Design and realization of 144 x 7 TDI ROIC with hybrid integrated test structure


Design and realization of a 144x7 silicon readout integrated circuit (ROIC) based on switched capacitor TDI for MCT LWIR scanning type focal plane arrays (FPAs) and its corresponding hybrid integrated test circuits are presented. TDI operation with 7 detectors improves the SNR of the system by a factor of √7, while oversampling rate of 3 improves the spatial resolution of the system. ROIC supports bidirectional scan, 5 adjustable gain settings, bypass operation, automatic gain adjustment in case of mulfunctioning pixels and pixel select/deselect properties. Integration time of the system can be determined by the help of an external clock. Programming of ROIC can be done in parallel or serial mode according to the needs of the system. All properties except pixel select/deselect property can be performed in parallel mode, while pixel select/deselect property can be performed only in serial mode. ROIC can handle up to 3.75V dynamic range with a load of 25pF and output settling time of 80ns. Input referred noise of the ROIC is less than 750 rms electrons, while the power consumption is less than 100mW. To test ROIC in absence of detector array, a process and temperature compensated current reference array, which supplies uniform input current in range of 1-50nA to ROIC, is designed and measured both in room and cryogenic (77ºK) temperatures. Standard deviations of current reference arrays are measured 3.26% for 1nA and 0.99% for 50nA. ROIC and current reference array are fabricated seperately, and then flip-chip bonded for the test of the system. Flip-chip bonded system including ROIC and current reference test array is successfully measured both in room and cryogenic temperatures, and measurement results are presented. The manufacturing technology is 0.35μm, double poly-Si, four metal, 5V CMOS process.