High Speed Low Latency IC Design for Blockchain Infrastructure


Blockchain technology has drawn substantial interest from different industries over the world. Its applications are not limited with financial contracts. Possibilities are limitless for any sector and applications. Main advantage of this disruptive technology is providing decentralized and secure infrastructure.

Bitcoin and Ethereum main players of this technology. Bitcoin focuses on financial applications of blockchain technology. Ethereum is specialized for creating smart contracts, which is a security application. Common parts of different block chain technologies are concepts of Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, etc. Since computation is highly parallelizable for these protocols, miners throughout the world are heavily investing in specialized hardware. This mining process is require specialized hardware and it is not an efficient process. It requires vast of amount of energy.

This project focuses on implementation of efficient and fast alternative proof of work hardware technologies. One technology is a variable delay function (VDF). VDF takes predetermined time to compute and produce a unique output which can be efficiently verified. Aim of this projects is to develop the fastest VDF hardware.

Status: 2019 - Active
Support: Supranational

Postdoctoral Researcher

My research interests include high frequency, analog and digital integrated circuits.