Power Meter Design

We have an access to vast amount of data to optimize even our daily life. For instance, we are checking traffic conditions before leaving home or work. We are comparing prices of the goods before buying them from store. Most of us wearing smart watches to track our steps, hearth rate and sleep cycles. We are buying LED lambs to save energy but we are not really tracking our energy usage in our homes. Because we don`t have a real time access to our energy usage. If we have such an access to track our usage we can optimize it to save more energy.

In this project, students will measure energy consumption of a house through power cable using transducer. Collected data will be transferred to a web server and users can track it their instantaneous and previous consumptions.

Enrolled Students
Burak Güven ÖzatSabanci University
Oğuz Kağan YavuzSabanci University
Mahir Burak UstaSabanci University
Postdoctoral Researcher

My research interests include high frequency, analog and digital integrated circuits.